Many new marketer asked me should they do both free or paid traffic? I was testing both traffic and have gotten different results in the recent weeks.

Each type of traffic serve different purposes.

The correct questions you should be asking yourself are as follow:

1. Why do I need the traffic? Is it to get viewership or new subscribers?

2. How fast do I need it? (Unless you doing a promotion or firesale)

3. How much does it cost me to acquire a new lead?

There could be more. But I would rather focus on these 3 questions.

First thing as a newbie (I hate this word ‘newbie’ – if you’re a newbie, you won’t even know how to use the computer, the truth is there is no newbie. Only things you are about to learn)

Serious stuff here. Read on.

Don’t do direct linking to a product or an affiliate offer. You’re sending not just leads away but tons of money away into another person pocket.

I was sending some traffic close to 100K on doing some product promotion for CPA & CB. And heck it! I realised something very seriously wrong with my traffic funnel. There isn’t any. 🙁

I started to add a new landing page and capture all my visitors to any offer I am promoting. Hence, I kept a list even if they don’t buy. Next, I added a value of $1 USD to each lead. Ah ..ha….now I am seeing something…I just need to make sure my CPC is below 1 USD to acquire 1 lead. And the rest if profit.

See here, many marketers failed to see this. Once you acquire a new lead for your business, you’re in business. Else you’re nothing. Period.

Do you want to challenge this? Go ahead. I regretted!

One top of the line secret I discovered, if I start to have a list of targeted people for a particular offer say weigh loss. I could sell to them in the near future…over and over

again. Best of all…it would be positive ROI eventually if I design a good sales funnel.

Now I can turn paid traffic into free traffic over time.

The formula is weird.

Paid Traffic (PT) X 365 (assume you get 30 new subscribers everyday) = FREE Lifetime Traffic (appx. 10,950)

Instead of looking for the source of traffic. Be the one to supply it.

This is my first goal.

I also discovered 2 secrets which I will be sharing in my next post. So stay tune and like this post if you learn something.

Stay cool!