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Hey, You’re Aware of the New Google Slap Right?

Well, this might not affect alot of you since you have started a new blog and I could assume you’re already having a mobile friendly websites.

But the alarming fact is that there are 80% of the websites out there still sitting quietly waiting for Google to slap them. Come May 2016, gradually is the word Google use, is going to put a higher ‘weight’ to those websites that are mobile friendly.

You might this they are just trying to scare people. Heck it! Back in 2015, they have

already announced it once. So if Google is willing to announce it again on March 16, you need to pay attention.

Some of the impact I have highlighted it here in this post

How can you help? If you know a bit of coding and wordpress, you can turn their website to be mobile compliance and make a business out of it. No kidding! How many websites are not mobile ready? Think about the potential.

Now SMILE and comment ‘lightbulb’ if you get it!

P.S: To have a website to be mobile ready, you can charge between $500 to $1500. Of course depending on the number of pages, just add! The more the merrier!

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GoogTech Nonsense

Google Adsense Blogging Niche Site For a Living

I am been asked by my friends on “Are you sure money can be made on Google Adsense?” Well, it’s not about money made but how much do you want to make? Heck it! I am going to start a new blog and focus on online dating. Let’s see how my Adsense earning will take. I will update this post and be sure to follow me! To bug me as well. Thanks for bugging by!

1. Domain Name Bought & WP setup – Completed.

2. Content Layout Plan – Completed.

3. WordPress Theme Choosen – Completed

4. Plugins installed – Completed

5. First content written up and running – Completed

6. Creating opt in form for 2nd stream monetization – Completed

7. Small mini ebook to be given away to build a list – Completed

8. Adsense account approved & verified – Completed

9. Keywords for content nesting – Completed

9. Adding 30 days of content to be published at rate of 2 per day on auto scheduling. – Done

10. Placing of Google Adsense Ads 2 per article – Done

11. Getting the first dollar – Pending ( 20 days from 29 Feb – Target 19 March)

12. Test Result (Success/Failed)  Failed!!!


Till this day, google still never approve my blog. I think they need you to be a superstar blogger or running super sexy traffic size. Good luck!

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