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Marketing Hacks

What I Discover Will About to Shock You

Yes, I was doing my research again over the past few days! I discovered something relatively shocking about traffic, ppc, blogging, list building, You name it!

All of these work on the same principle.

What you don’t know about them

Most of the time when someone create a product and sell it online, it’s just the tip of an iceberg. No matter how cheap or how expensive it is. Yes!

It’s always about what you don’t know and what you do want to know. For example how to generate a list of laser targeted subscribers who will buy whatever you’re trying to sell them.

Or how to make 5 figures income per week…yes per week. What does it take? Would

you rather believe it’s impossible or maybe just once it’s possible?

What you’re buying?

Just one thing – Method (Working Method so to speak!)

If you could achieve great success and scale higher by applying a method, no-brainer copy and paste. Yes, the simplest method works! Most people just complicate themselves. Not fancy strategy. You have your own strategy. Everyone is different. But the constant thing is the method.

You’re still missing the ingredients

Imagine you need to cook a nice dish. But lacking some ingredients. You just go out to buy it. (Tools) -> This will change the way you run your business. Some money you

cannot save. Only when you start using better tools you get RESULTS. Period.

Like it or Not

Whether you are sleeping/walking/having your dinner at this moment, someone is performing an action online. Can be buying, opting in, someone just generated a sales/leads,etc.

Why not you be the person who will make that money? Think about this.

If you’re interested in any method of cash generation, immerse yourself into it. Do not hop here and there. Get results, optimised and get more results until it bores you. Move on to the next methods.

Do something you’re afraid of until you become so comfortable doing it. Congrats! You just master it!

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Marketing Hacks

Offline Way to Promote Wealthy Affiliate

So I am going to test another method of getting new sign up. This time I am going to walk thru with them step by step up till the last part of setting up their account.

So here goes my new method. Setup a new meetup group at Gather newbies who wanted to learn and earn.

Guide them and point them to wealthy affiliate program. This is purely offline method which I can do weekly. Topic you can change every week. At the end of the day, I gotten my first sign up for premium via this method.

Wait, if you are running a workshop you will get better results. So I can assume most of the 300 premium you trying to acquire is from offline workshop/preview/coffee talks?

Distributing your name card with just your affiliate link is another way.

How about putting classified ads on newspaper? Lol.

What about you? How did you get your first premium member? Or did you ask your wife to join in as well?

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