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5 Tips to Hiring the Right Person on FIVERR

So you wanted to outsource all the boring stuff to someone “cheaply”?

Question: How do you find the correct person to pass this job(s) to?Here are 5 tips I employed to ensure 99% of the time hire the right person. Enjoy.

Tip #1 : Make sure you hit the NEW

Those who just started off to freelance work on Fiverr wanted to get review fast. You wanted to get the job done fast. So here’s a match and win situation. Start compose a standard message with your task and expected time for delivery. Post it out or hand pick and send to 20 of them and flood your message box. Oops..

Tip #2 : Read their profile carefully

Those who bidded on your project, read their profile. I won’t pass my article work who someone who native language is not English. Sorry I am a pretty strict on content quality and ZERO tolerance for revision after revision. Is either you can write or you can’t.

Tip #3 : Test a few person to reduce risk

Yes, i always at least 3 different freelancer to pick the best one. If none, rinse and repeat. This is a very important step if you want less trouble. Test with a small gig and see how is their attitude, style and speed. I prefer someone who is detailed and fast to execute with good quality in return.

Tip #4 : Know what to expect

Hey if you hire someone in a different time zone as you, do be considerate and stop asking when the work will be done. You are not suppose to micro manage. Be specific in the task you need to get done. If the person cannot deliver, just cancel the gig and take back your $. They would prefer to return the gig then to get a bad review when starting out.

Tip #5 – Scaling up & Nego.

Once the ‘ONE’ is found, again nego. for timeline and price. You always have a better deal at a STEAL if you buy bulk (wholesale). You know what I mean Amazon sellers.

In summary, I have to repeat again. DO NOT do the task you HATE most. Outsource it! Else you will be out of the game very fast & burn out.

Enjoy what you do!

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