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Wow Added a New Skill BINGing with Today!

Hey everyone, how are you today! I took a few hours today to learn about Bing Ads in details and took their 100 questions exam. And yup, I would like to urge you to learn a new skills in IM everyday.

Key take away: (Nope to show off to you but to motivate you!)

If you set a goal and going all out to do it, you can achieve it fast. There is so much to be learned and apply. Instead of watching those pointless Youtube video on PPC, why not learn directly from the official guide. This way you stay compliance and know exactly how to run a profitable campaign.

So get yourself certified in which area you have most interest in.

Some advantages are:

1. You can show your client what you’re doing is in compliance with the PPC company.

2. Credibility ( You can charge customer higher since they want a professional )

3. Build your business by listing in Microsoft directory, let microsoft refer customer to you.

4. You get to use the logo on your presentation/namecards.

Before I forgot, it’s FREE! Yes…you hear me correctly FREE course and free exam!So here’s one credibility I think you should grab!

Hope you add on to this post and tell your success.

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I am back to working on my campaigns. Happiness short lived! Lol!!

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