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Unconventional List Building

Build Your List with GiveAway – A Surefire Way!

There is only one sure way to build a list fast. Giveaway! Lot’s of it!

I know many people talk about using different ways to build a list, paid traffic, PPV, etc. what have you.

But I personally build a group of 7000+ followers on facebook group in less than 2 years. And it’s growing organically. Yes, there are spammers, lots of them. Here’s the good NEWS. Why do you think spammers wanted to spam you?

Answer: You have organic traffic, period!

Why is organic traffic important to your blog/website/estore?

You can built a brand, a mailing list of targeted customer for your business. Yes, I am talking about business. If you don’t want a business, you shouldn’t be reading this.

You don’t need a list. If you do read on. More importantly, organic means it will grow by itself. I no longer need to add new members to my facebook group. Even come to a point we need to reject people from joining. (Scammer!!)

The so-called ‘automated’ but do not be deceived by this word. Human interaction cannot be automated. With a group culture, yes you could!

I am not a good copywriter. But I do know how to give people what they want.

Last month I setup a new mailing list and I forgotten to mention I was trying to educate not to sell. my bad. If you remember,

I have updated the download page. My bad! Thanks to those who message me…but the intend is good.

I am educating you on what you shouldn’t be doing. If you’re already in my mailing, good. I am going to share the way to get free giveaway, how to build your initial 100 customer/subscribers and they will spread the words for you. Yes, your first 100 subscribers matter.

Testing of Strategy

I am a person of action. Some strategy I am currently spending money and tesing on. I would like to share it with you. Yes, of course WA would be the first, those you need to avoid. Some however are not appropriate to be shared (only in my private mailing list).

Back to Giveaway!

There are ton of information out there you can giveaway. Not that people can’t find them but are they worth reading and implementing. Of 10 Youtube videos I watched on traffic generation, 9/10 was rehashed! Totally waste of time to try old method on new campaign.

Wealthy affiliate gave a clear direction for you to follow. You should be grateful.

Have fun giving away free useful information.. it just keep on building your credibility.

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How to Promote Your Video Course By Reaching 100K People for full Free course enrollment.
What You Need:

A Youtube account (setup properly)
A website to check top Youtube channel
Your skillshare introduction video
Commitment to do it consistently

What You’ll Learn:

How to find targeted Youtube channels related to your niche
How to know the Youtube channels participation level
How to comment on highly active Youtube channel to get more followers

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