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Unconventional List Building

What You Never Were Told About List Building

Did my title catch your attention? I hope so. Almost every single guru on IM told me about list building. The money is in the list. Sound familiar? Building a list is not so much of just getting people to opt into a newsletter. It is about building a relationship with your customers. Knowing what they need and even understanding their pain. Here are some tip you need to keep in mind whenever you decide to build a list of subscribers.

#1 – Who exactly is interested

This involve defining a customer from head to toe. Details like age group, demographics, gender, you can go on. You need to have at least 10 parameters. So when someone ask you, who you sell your product to? You can exactly say I am selling my product to a female, age 20 to 35, who loves to cook 3 times at least at home, but prefer quick and easy methods to cooking, dislike meat, excercise 3 times a week and love to bring her pet dog every evening out for walk. Did you see this person now? What product can you sell her? Many. See, you need to get down to clarity. Do this if you want to make money online.

#2 – Build a relationship

Would you buy from your spouse if he or she ask you? No brainer. You won’t even take alook at the product or services. Given the cost is low. Why? Trust. A close friend ask you to watch a recommended movie. He says Best movie he ever watch in his entire life. You just went ahead. (even later you found out, it was a crap show!) Lol. So, assuming you have a list say 1000 people. They trust you as a friend. You tell them you just make 100 bucks using a method described in a crapbook, sorry ebook. Guess what? The result is guaranteed. You can get a high conversion above 10 percent. Industry standard 2 percent. 100 people buy your 10 usd ebook. Your 1 email is 1000 usd pure profit. Key take away, build a highly responsive list. No point boasting you have 100,000 subscribers when response rate is 0.01 percent.

#3 – Address book

I am sure you have at least one email address. Do you get people spamming you everyday? And you simply ignore them? Well time to get back to them.;) Setup your email autoresponder to auto reply them. Asking them to visit your website. Free traffic daily!

Not really a good way to get traffic but just to get some fun. Let’s get down to business. Go to your address book, pick from the list your target audience. Email them an request them to join your mailing list. You can have initial subscribers in less than an hour from now.

I will continue part 2 later in the evening. Stay tuned, comment if you like my post.

Here’s part 2:

#4 – Youtube traffic

Many people are mystified by the traffic that can be gained from Youtube viewers. But you got to remember is the keywords that get you ranked in Youtube. You need to plan out a list of keywords that you wanted to rank for and DO NOT target high traffic keywords. You can be ranked in Google search in a matter of 2 to 3 days. Watch for the keywords you’re using and product reviews seems to be getting hell lots of traffic. Then do whatever you need to promote inside the description area. There is a limit to how many tags you can use, typically i try not to do more than 20 tags. To get fast result use a real human being. Youtube traffic still come from organic search engine. Still works!

# 5 – Plan your autoresponder time & content

One easy trick is to look over your spam folder. What time did most of the spam mail came in? From which country. You will have an idea when to send them. Plan at least 60 days of content. I know it sound crazy but if you got a list you better know what to

feed them with and when to sell them. (Even if they don’t read, they still see you in the business). Then you need to segment buyer from reader. Your second list is a highly responsive buyer who have buy at least one thing from you. This is your golden list. Never give it away. Most people are just selling you a list from the ‘first’ after all the golden nuggets are taken away.

Summary, if you need help and ideas about traffic to build a list, leave me a comment. I will plan to share it.


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Unconventional List Building

Your Squeeze Page Must Talk to Your Autoresponder

I was shopping around for a good squeeze page plugin today. After testing a few free plugin, I found out that none actually worked well. Well there are a few paid squeeze page plugin waiting for you to pluck in your credit card. If you are just starting out, I think you should not be spending money on this. No, not at all. Finally I found a good one which allow me to customize my form.

So, I went ahead to use and integrate with Aweber (autoresponder). If you want to signup under my affiliate link, just message me. For customization, is easy as well. After which you need to setup and test. If you need help on setting up auto responder, you can message me as a gesture to help you for getting my affiliate link. Okay, so much on promotion.

What have for you is you got to know who is your target audience. How often you wanted to contact them and what you going to sell them. Next, you need to track sales and conversion. Tuned your site and track again. Simple for a beginner? No!

But you need to know how to do it at least once. This part is important to understand. Once you got it, you will start to make real money online. So if you are not keeping a list, you are not running any form of business. Period. Come on, do you think anyone can run a business without repeated customer and new customers?

Get into action and grow your customer list fast. Yes, fast is the key!

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