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Hot Facts You Need to Know Before Doing WA Review

This article is written to educate our community when promoting wealthy affiliate membership, you need to be aware of the review style out there. What works best for you and how you can twist it to make a difference. Here, I will do a dissect for you based on the search engine result I get. I do not endorse any of the sites in this article nor receive any money from them.

Above is the top 5 websites you will get when you google wealthy affiliate review 2016.

#1 – This website is doing a full scale no nonsense hardcore review for wealthy affiliate. The article length is around 4600 words and would take you say 30 mins to read..if you’re a fast reader.

#2 – This website cleverly employed his website header to market wealth affiliate at the top of the page. I can’t find the full review upon arriving at the main site. Perhaps need to search around but that doesn’t matter. It works to bring visitor to the website looking for the review.

#3 – This website review style is showing you the amount of cash generated online as a result of joining wealthy affiliate. Very up to date earnings from 2016. Wow! Is the word I use. Assumingly he made 5000USD/mth since WA pay recurring 22USD per sign up, meaning….228 premium did he do it? Hmm..I am interested to know. Private message me please! 🙂

#4 – Another website doing a full review total words use 2600+.I think this is the most common style used but is it really effective? Comment below if you have some results from this.

#5 – Here’s an interesting one – ebook style review on WA with estimated 2000 words. First glance look like an ebook he going to give away for free. I have to say it’s creative and does catch my attention.

Do you want the next 5? Here we go…

#6 – Quicker way to use 2 x video review for Wealthy Affiliate review. Overall about a 1000+ words. Video is fine but again if I am looking for a review, I would expect it to be one glance give me an answer. Scam or Not scam. I will skip the videos.

#7 – Same style text reviews with graphics from WA. 3000+ words are used to sell WA program. I clicked away after 5 seconds. Sorry dude!

#8 – Impressive use of demographic style reviews, comparison style, infographics review on real value you are getting. Although he is saying WA buying domain name is cheaper, compared with 2 other provider. I still will be able to find someone cheaper if I do some due diligence.

#9 – Sales copy style review on WA total article length is about 1000+ words. Although this is sales copy, the sell part is still impressive. Of course copy writing skill is a must if you adopt this method.

#10 – Review is less than 1000 words in length but check out the comment section – with a 249 comments. Wow! This is organic content on autopilot. Did anyone commented as well? Commenting is here to stay for organic search result ranking.

However, I do notice something which piss me off. Google now is showing paid ads first before free content. Which can be totally not related to wealthy affiliate. Also one point to note, all top 10 website mention about 2016 and have their own domain name.

The above is my personal study on promoting WA. You should do your own research on which is the best way for you.

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What Review

WordPress Plugin Review: JKL Review Plugin Thumb Down

Hey everyone,

I would like to share my experience with you and if you ever encounter issue with your embedded video, first thing disable all the plugins. There is a conflict happening. Yes, even if it says your current wordpress version is compatible. But do not trust it.

This plugin JKL Review plugin causes all my youtube video to turn into url. After I disable it. Everything solved. Hope this help you abit in your journey ahead.


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