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What You Should Be Doing

3Cs You Need to Know to Be Successful Online!

Nope I am not talking about being caring, careful & carefree here! Read on…

I happen to listen to a podcast today and thought to let you know in case you’re wondering how did ‘they’ the top marketer become so successful. There is a consistent proven track record by applying the 3Cs.

Compelling offer

This is the part where you need to put in a systematic research approach. No, no..jumping here and there. From Google to Blog to Youtube. NO! Have a systematic approach. Spend some time to plan your approach. Treat every campaign or learning a new skill as a project. You got to manage it and set realistic goals.

Take it as in your boss ask you to complete project Y by 31st this month. You will start to plan for your resources, ask colleagues for help…blah blah blah…So why are you doing this? You are committed. You have a timeline to stick to and responsibility to the stakeholders.

This is the same when you’re doing any..I repeat. ANY new campaign/project you wanted to accomplish. Your offer must be compelling. How do you know?

Ask yourself will you click on the ads/will you click buy now? Anything that motivate you to take action? Here’s a good one -> Create time sensitive information.

Say for example, I am going to delete this post in 3 minutes the moment you start reading. (countdown counter) Will you read it till the end or leave it till tomorrow? See the point? Will you see this post again? NO ! NEVER NEVER! NEVER! Now to got a strong reason to finish reading.


Watch your time when you send out anything. Yes. You’re marketing to people not the Internet. People is alive. They eat and sleep. Meaning if you’re going to send out an email or do product launch pick a time when people will most likely to see your email. Very often, we can forget about this since Internet email is so convenience and ‘free’.

Timing is a very important factor here. Your ads will hit the ground if you run it during mid-night. Your $ will burn fast.


Yes…this is the most well kept secret. Even people were to mention it to you 1000x. You still think it’s just a jargon. NO! This is the secret itself. When you send out an email, you need to build consistency. Everyday you got to email your list. At that time. You can use an autoresponder. You have to blog weekly on Friday, 8pm for example. You should people you’re committed! Period.

So you can be successful by following this 3 Rules, just remember 3Cs!

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What You Should Be Doing

What is Content Curation and Why You Ought to Do it

Here is the explanation from Wikipedia, I am not a good explainer on term like this.Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are ..

Well, if you can master this you will be be able to generate content which people love yo read and you can become the go to person when the subject matters arise.

Think about a problem and gather all the solutions. Put it into a blog post with your own style. Share it on social media. BOOM! Traffic will come. Simple and easy recipe you can do.

Ok, examples correct?

“21 ways to make money online without writing a single word”

“27 ways to pay less tax in 2016!”

“365 ways to say ‘No’ to your Boss!”

Find the answer. Or you can go to

Post your questions and collect your answer! Oops… No, I am not asking you to be LAZY (yes we are lazy!)

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