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Instagram Marketing: How to Cash in on Your Passion


Instagram Marketing: How to Cash in on Your Passion

Instagram Marketing: How to Cash in on Your Passion

Check out this class by Patrick Dang.

Build your business around your passion on Instagram with this 45-minute course with business consultant Patrick Dang.
This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, photographers, videographers and anyone who wants to build a business with their personal brand on Instagram.

Here Patrick will walk you through his business process on how to build an authentic following on Instagram you can use to sell product and services to and work with brands.

Key Lessons Include:

  • How to build a following on Instagram around your passion
  • Creating and curating authentic content
  • Instagram organic growth strategies
  • Deep insight on how other brands and influencers make money on Instagram
  • Key metrics brands measure for social influencer marketing
  • By the end of this class, you’ll have the knowledge to build a legitimate business on Instagram around your greatest passion!

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How Teenager Can Have Multiple Low Cost Businesses

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With eCommerce booming in the last 10 years, more teenage college students are getting into online businesses. Have you wonder what are the working model and those already proven to work.

*3 business model to start with
*How to grow the business
* Why Invest the profits on yourself

Enroll now and hop on the new way of living.

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