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Google Adsense Blogging Niche Site For a Living

I am been asked by my friends on “Are you sure money can be made on Google Adsense?” Well, it’s not about money made but how much do you want to make? Heck it! I am going to start a new blog and focus on online dating. Let’s see how my Adsense earning will take. I will update this post and be sure to follow me! To bug me as well. Thanks for bugging by!

1. Domain Name Bought & WP setup – Completed.

2. Content Layout Plan – Completed.

3. WordPress Theme Choosen – Completed

4. Plugins installed – Completed

5. First content written up and running – Completed

6. Creating opt in form for 2nd stream monetization – Completed

7. Small mini ebook to be given away to build a list – Completed

8. Adsense account approved & verified – Completed

9. Keywords for content nesting – Completed

9. Adding 30 days of content to be published at rate of 2 per day on auto scheduling. – Done

10. Placing of Google Adsense Ads 2 per article – Done

11. Getting the first dollar – Pending ( 20 days from 29 Feb – Target 19 March)

12. Test Result (Success/Failed)  Failed!!!


Till this day, google still never approve my blog. I think they need you to be a superstar blogger or running super sexy traffic size. Good luck!

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Unconventional List Building

WordPress MailChimp Plugin To List Building

I was looking for a good mailing plugin for wordpress and saw that mailchimp is pretty lean and good for beginner. So here are some steps to get it setup.

Step1: You need to sign up for a free account at

Step 2: Setup a list inside your account -> Go to Create a list. The details is step by step. Nothing complicated (so that you can pick this list) when you install the WordPress plugin for Mailchimp later.

Step 3: Install MailChimp for WordPress Plugin under your wordpress plugin, activate it.

Step 4: Go to MailChimp General Setting, API Key -> Get an API Key from the main website. Click on the link that say “Get Your API key here”. Follow the step by step instructions. Once you input your API key and save changes. You should see the below screenshot.

*Important to get this step done. Else you cannot use the MailChimp form for lead capture.

Step 5: Make sure you complete your create a list and Start Building your audience steps inside the website.

Step 6: Go back to the “list” which you created. Click on Signup Forms and select “Embedded Forms”.

Step 7: Go to super slim (this is what i prefer), you can choose any one you like. Copy the code below and paste it to your WordPress sidebar (widget area). You can grab a “text” widget to paste these code into.

Step 8: Go to your main side and you should see the subscribe form there.

See example here.

Step 9: Test your form and see if it works as intended. (Very important***). You must enter a valid email to test till the end.

You should see 1 lead captured. Well done. You can start to build a massive list by driving targeted traffic.

P.S: MailChimp Free Version allow up to 2000 subscribers. Upgrade when necessary. When you hit 1000 subscribers, your investment into a paid subscription should be no brainer. 🙂

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